Press and Social Media

Ekklesia is pleased to engage with a wide range of press, general and academic media, and social media on a wide range of topics.


We can offer both advocacy-angled commentary on a range of issues (ethics, beliefs and politics; nonviolence, the problem of Christian nationalism and supremacism; many specific policy issues) and also balanced and informed briefing on particular questions of interest to the media that have an ethics or belief angle. Over the years, Ekklesia has featured in the national and international press, BBC television and radio, LBC, Premier, and many other broadcast outlets.

* To get in touch, please go to our contact page.


We offer regular comment and analysis via our Twitter account, which offers both up-to-date news and detailed coverage of public policy issues, civil society campaigns, budgets and elections. Less used to date (though we will be expanding these) is our Facebook page (for contact and updates) and our Facebook group (for discussion). We are looking at using Instagram moving forward.