Ekklesia works with allied and sympathetic organisations on discussion and research/investigation gatherings.

We are hoping to launch a new series of online events shortly, and to make podcasts and videocasts available through this site.

Speakers at our past events have included former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, Muslim scholar Professor Mona Siddqui (see video here), Rabbi Jonathan Romain, refugee activist and scholar Professor Alison Phipps, disability activist Juliet Marlow, religion scholar Professor Naomi Goldenberg from the University of Ottawa, MENA specialist and lawyer/ecumenist Dr Harry Hagopian, Scottish political commentator Dr Gerry Hassan, Christian Aid Scotland director the Rev Sally Foster-Fulton, and human rights activist and humanist Peter Tatchell.

Our series of interfaith events with our partners at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church in London will be continued as soon as we are able.

Ekklesia has organised sessions and speakers at the Solas Festival (of which we are a current sponsor), Greenbelt Festival, Just Festival and others.

We also engage in private round-tables or networks to discuss sensitive issues in a confidential format, or to bring together people with radically differing perspectives in a human, personal way. Issues covered have included sexuality, end of life issues, and abuse in church and other institutions.

If you have ideas or suggestions for events, do drop us a note via our contact page.