Ekklesia is pleased to work with independent researchers and academics, educational institutions, NGOs and other partners in making high-quality research and comment available as part of an expanding public conversation about beliefs, values, ethics, politics and public life.

Subjects we have covered include religion in public life, the changing nature of secularity, religious fundamentalism, truth-telling and ethics, disability and welfare, nonviolence and Remembrance, free speech issues in tertiary education, reforming faith schools, sexuality, challenging Christian exclusivism, disestablishment, Europe and the EU, independent politics, assessment of party policies across the UK for General elections, and much more. Contributions have also been made to other books and research documents

Our latest papers include:

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Many of our papers published between 2004 and  2022 can be found here.

(We are aware that some *.PDF files from our archive are not immediately accessible – we are looking to fix that as soon as possible).