Jobs at Ekklesia and elsewhere

Ekklesia works on a co-operative basis. There are no paid jobs going at the moment -- but below we feature current vacancies within our set-up, as well as paid work offered and sought among friends and associates.

We are always looking for volunteers, writers and those with an interest in religion and public life who would like to give some time to Ekklesia and be part of the team. If you are interested, then please contact the Ekklesia office for more details: office (at)




* SysAdmin / Webmaster for Ekklesia - part time, subject to agreement

This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in looking after an influential website which receives thousands of visitors a day.

Ekklesia is looking for someone who will help on a paid / retainer basis to look after for a few hours a month. This is a chance to be part of the Ekklesia team, and at the centre of EKklesia's work and expansion in 2014 and beyond.

Tasks would include monitoring the website, updating software and software patches, troubleshooting, and working with the Ekklesia team to develop the site's functionality. Knowledge of Drupal is essential.

Enquiries and applications should be sent to Jonathan Bartley in the Ekklesia office: office (at)




None at the moment.