Ekklesia has both individual and organisational partners. To find out more about becoming an individual partner click here.

Ekklesia also works openly but independently with a number of organisations that broadly share its value base. Several of these groups are members of the Anabaptist Network of Organisations, which succeeded the former Root and Branch network last year. Ekklesia is a member of ANO, as it was of R&B. Views expressed on this site are not necessarily those of the organisations listed below.

Anabaptist Network UK

Formed in 1992, the Anabaptist Network (UK) is a loose-knit, relational network of individuals and churches interested in drawing on the insights and experiences of the Anabaptist tradition. It seeks to offer resources and perspectives from Anabaptism for reflection on radical Christian discipleship in a post-Christendom culture, where churches now find themselves on the margins rather than at the centre of the social order.

Anabaptist Network in South Africa

ANiSA is a network of people, churches, and organizations, aims is to walk with, support, and grow reconciling communities of peace and justice that are grounded in the life and witness of Jesus Christ. It encourages and supports South Africans to live lifestyles of peace building and walk the way of peace on a daily basis.

Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders is involved in the practical work of peacemaking and reconciliation, seeking to transform conflict within the churches especially. A programme that grew out of the London Mennonite Centre (LMC), Bridge Builders provides training, mediation, consultancy, and related services for all Christian churches and denominations in Britain. The vision for Bridge Builders grows out of the historic Mennonite commitment to the way of peace and non-retaliation against enemies as central elements of the Christian gospel. It has global links to acknowledged experts in the conflict transformation field.


CHIPS (Christian International Peace Service) works for peace and reconciliation in areas of conflict and tension around the world. Its emphasis is on grassroots approaches since it recognises that while political solutions are important, without the engagement of individuals and communities, real and lasting peace may be impossible to realise.

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Christian Peacemaker Teams is a programme of Brethren, Quaker and Mennonite Churches and other Christians that support non-violence. CPT was formed in North America in 1992 with the aim of "getting in the way" of violence in conflict areas. It currently has teams in Colombia, the West Bank, Iraq, Arizona (USA), and Ontario (Canada). CPT UK represents the efforts of CPT members and friends around Britain and Ireland to support one another in peacemaking initiatives and to work towards an eventual CPT training operation in the UK.

Mennonite Centre

The London Mennonite Centre is dedicated to embodying Mennonite and Anabaptist ideas and insights within the wider church in Britain, and to cultivating Christian discipleship as a whole way of life. Based in North London it maintains an extensive programme of events both there and in other parts of the country, and is also 'home' for a number of Ekklesia's other partners. Mennnites are one of the 'historic peace churches' and are heirs to the 'radical reformation' in Europe. (Note: the Centre has now sold its base at 14 Shepherd's Hill, where it was based for 57 years, and is currently 'sojourning' before the next stage of the journey is unveiled. There will be a series of events in and outside London in 2012/13).


Metanoia was a book service featuring titles from both the UK and USA. It was the distributor of Herald Press (incorporating Faith and Life Press), the largest Mennonite publisher in the States, and imported titles from Pandora Press, Cascadia Publishing House and others. The service was closed in its present form in September 2011. Alternative arrangements will be announced shortly.

Peace Church

Peace Church is a way of thinking and acting together: discovering authentic church to be rooted in the centrality of Jesus, within the vision of shalom, and experimenting with the values that flow from this source.

Peace School

Peace School is a year long programme exploring what it means to be a peacemaker in every area of life; local and global. A Community of Learning, participants bring their own experiences and take something away from the experiences of others.


SPEAK is an Evangelical Christian network connecting 'the emerging generation' to campaign on issues of global justice. Growing rapidly, it is connecting people internationally. The thousands of people involved have already played a role in influencing key decisions and policies for justice.

Urban Expression

Urban Expression is a church planting network committed to following God on the margins and in the gaps, expecting to discover God at work among powerless people and in places of weakness.


Workshop is a theological education programme which was the inspiration behind Ekklesia. An initiative of the Anvil Trust it has been running for 25 years in Britain, and operates in five centres around the UK - drawing together Christians from different backgrounds to explore and practice the Gospel as a demadning and hopeful way of life.