Campaigners highlight revolving door of arms trade in election protest - news from ekklesia

By staff writers
May 4, 2005

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Campaigners highlight revolving door of arms trade in election protest


Protestors, including Christians, will seek to highlight the 'revolving door' between arms companies and the Government in an election protest this morning.

Demonstrators are protesting outside the Annual General Meeting of the worldís fourth largest arms manufacturer, BAE Systems PLC at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, in Westminster, London.

A door, resembling the door to Number 10 Downing Street, set on an axis so it can rotate with an actor dressed as Tony Blair will invite two BAE Systems businessmen into number 10 with a banner backdrop reading íBAE Systems: Take Them Out of Number 10í outside the AGM venue.

'Shareholder activists' will also attend the AGM.

Campaign Against Arms Trade, which includes the group Christian Campaign Against Arms Trade, is calling for an end to the unfair political influence which arms companies have on Government policy.

The revolving door between Government and arms companies is one of the mechanisms that allows arms companies inappropriate access to Government and ícorporate captureí, say campaigners.

CAATís new campaign íCall the Shotsí aims to redress the public interest by exposing these mechanisms and calling for safeguards to be introduced.

Anna Jones, a spokesperson for Campaign Against Arms Trade said; "Under the Labour Government, as with previous administrations, itís been business as usual for arms exports to repressive regimes and conflict zones. The new incumbents to 10 Downing Street should put the public interest first and remove the mechanisms, like the írevolving doorí, which allow arms companies to capture arms export policy."

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