Catching up with old Nick

By Simon Barrow
December 14, 2009

Our news briefing service has been able to help 'break' a couple of media stories recently, one of which has important Christmas ramifications.

I'm thinking of the depressing news that the Home Office is now so keen to use the kids it disgracefully locks away in immigration removal centres as 'collateral' in its anti-asylum seeker offensive, that it even stopped St Nicholas giving them presents at Yarls Wood recently.

You can now watch what happened here:

And then here:


And finally the police here:

Together with the UK Border Agency Christmas card (which basically says "go away" and puts a new spin on "dreaming of a white Christmas"), this hardly provides much evidence for the government's seasonal cheer.

Anyway, the Observer newspaper had a good article and comment on Yarls Wood on page 3 yesterday ("Anglican 'Santa' barred from giving gifts to children at detainee centre").

If you were paying attention, however you might have spotted it on the Ekklesia web site a full nine days ago.

Our piece about Nestle's limited fair trade pretensions was also widely picked up, though with the critical angle somewhat blunted.


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