Equality Bill addresses discrimination against Christians

By Jonathan Bartley
January 25, 2010

Ekklesia Associate Sarah Hill is quoted in the Guardian today concerning the Equality Bill which is due to be debated in the House of Lords.

Sarah worked for a well known Christian organisation for 20 years, which she loved and valued.

It is refreshing to hear Christians who have had experience of working for Christian organisations for many years, for whom they have a great respect, speaking out nevertheless about how they also feel the law has been used to discriminate against Christian employees. Many others of course would also like to speak out, but as they are still employed by Christian organisations they are hesitant to do so.

Bishops and others who are complaining about the bill fail to acknowledge that Christians are amongst those who have been routinely discriminated against by churches, church agencies and church charities for years.

And let's face it. The overwhelming majority of people applying for jobs with Christian organisations, are er, Christians.

As Sarah says in today's Guardian, Many Christian charities have long required staff to comply with requirements. But if they are for example gay, they have found themselves out of the running, even if they are the best qualified accountant, manager, aid worker, or whatever post it is that they have applied for.

But of course it isn't just those who should be employed that suffer as a result of such discrimination. It is potentially all those people that they would have helped with their expertise - something particularly pertinent if you work for an aid agency, as Sarah did.

Sadly, Sarah also suggests, "Regardless of what the government does and what they say, evangelical organisations will hold on to those conduct policies and believe they are correct".

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