Nick Griffin expresses support for Sentamu and Nazir Ali

By Jonathan Bartley
March 24, 2010

It comes as little surprise that Nick Griffin has finally come out and expressed his support for the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, and retired Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir Ali.

We have long been saying that the two church leaders have made some very unhelpful contributions to discussion about 'British identity', which while well intended, have been misguided and have unintentionally aided the BNP in its ‘Christian Nation’ rhetoric/ideology, possibly even helping the racist party in its drive to recruit Christians to its cause. We have urged a different approach to the BNP which doesn't feed the idea of equating national identity with religion.

This is what Nick Griffin said in the debate on Revelation TV earlier this week, concerning pronouncements from Sentamu and Nazir Ali:

“I’m an Anglican. By blood, by decent, by the way I was brought up, by my schooling and so on. I’m an Anglican, and really therefore I find myself without a church.

“The only people amongst the senior hierarchy of the Anglican church who are any use at all, are John Sentamu, and Bishop Ali Nazir (sic). And the people of my kind at the head of the church are mostly snakes I think. So I don’t find a church I can go comfortably with. So I’m a Christian without a home.” (Comments can be heard in context at 4 mins 50 secs),

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