Will the Christian Legal Centre speak up for Brian Haw?

By Symon Hill
March 30, 2011

The Christian Legal Centre (CLC) repeatedly claim that Christians in Britain are being discriminated against because of their faith. But they don't appear to have said anything about Brian Haw, the Christian activist who lost a court case recently, when the judge ruled that he should be evicted from his peace camp opposite Parliament.

I have emailed the CLC to ask them if they plan to speak up for Brian Haw. Brian Haw's Christian commitment to nonviolence has led him to camp outside Parliament for nearly ten years, protesting against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sadly, this is not the sort of Christian commitment in which the CLC tend to be interested. The vast majority of the cases they take up are concerned with opposition to homosexuality - the civil registrar who refused to officiate at civil partnerships, the guest house owners who shut out same-sex couples, the potential fosterers who wanted to tell foster children that same-sex relationships are wrong. A similar preoccupation characterises Christian Concern, a lobbying group closely tied to the CLC.

If the CLC fail to speak up for Brian Haw, they will raise further questions about their commitment to civil liberties - an issue about which they claim to be very concerned. They will not only be neglecting the civil liberties of non-Christians, they will also be ignoring the civil liberties of Christians who are concerned with different issues, or have different views, to themselves.

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