Polling on St Paul's Cathedral closure and Occupy LSX camp

By Jonathan Bartley
October 30, 2011

There is polling from YouGov out today for the Sunday Times which reveals public opinion over recent events surrounding the Occupy London Stock Exchange protests outside St Paul's Cathedral.

It finds:

(i) People believe St Paul's was wrong to close

(ii) More support than opposition for legal action by St Paul's and the Corporation of London to remove the camp (but significantly less support than for Dale Farm eviction)

(iii) Support for the aims of the protestors. Perhaps unsurprisingly there are alot of 'd/k' s, although notably in London there are far fewer.

(iv) More people feel Giles Fraser was wrong, than right, to resign.

The questions and percentages are reproduced below. I have also included an ICM poll from last week as a comparison.

  • Protesters from the Occupy London campaign are currently camped outside St Paul's Cathedral, as the square outside the London Stock Exchange itself is private property and would not allow them access. St Paul's Cathedral has been closed since last Friday due to health and safety concerns over access to and from the Cathedral during the protest. Do you think St Paul’s Cathedral was right or wrong to close?

    Right: 31 per cent
    Wrong: 53 per cent
    D/K 16: per cent

    Do you think the Cathedral and the Corporation of London should or should not take legal action to remove the protesters from outside St Paul's Cathedral?

    Should take legal action: 47 per cent
    Should not take legal action: 39 cent
    D/K: 19 per cent

    (When YouGov asked a question regarding Dale Farm evictions it found 66 per cent supporting eviction with just 17 per cent saying they opposed it)

    Dr Giles Fraser, the Chancellor of the Cathedral, originally welcomed the protesters. He has since resigned as Chancellor of the Cathedral. Do you think he was right or wrong to resign?

    Right to resign: 31 per cent
    Wrong to resign: 42 per cent
    D/k: 27 per cent

    Finally in this section, regardless of whether or not you agree with them protesting outside St Paul's Cathedral, do you support or oppose the aims of the protesters?

    Support: 39 per cent
    Oppose 26: per cent
    Don’t know :35 per cent


    The ICM poll:

    Q5. You may have seen or heard that there are currently protests against capitalism and the financial system around the world, including on Wall Street in New York and in the City of London. Which one of the following statements do you most agree with?

    The protesters are naive; there is no practical alternative to capitalism – the point is to get it moving again: 38 per cent

    The protesters are right to want to call time on a system that puts profit before people: 52 per cent

    Both: two per cent

    Neither: three per cent

    Don't know: six per cent

    (Fieldwork : 21th-23rd October 2011 )


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