Responsible finance and economic justice


On 15 October 2011, the Occupy LSX movement – having been prevented from occupying a space directly in the City of London among the offices of financial institutions – established a protest outside St Paul’s Cathedral under the banner ‘We are the 99 per cent’. The protestors have sought to articulate a frustration that resonates widely among both those who choose to protest and those who do not, regarding the inequalities in UK society and globally, and the responsibility of financial institutions to serve society. These concerns go far further than individual or even corporate responsibility and greed, raising questions about the whole structure of the global economy, together with the practical ethical and theological responsibilities of churches and Christian communities. In this briefing paper, David McNair, who is Principle Economic Justice Adviser for the UK-based global development agency Christian Aid (, outlines his responses to the questions and opportunities posed by Occupy LSX, around the epithetic challenge ‘My word is my bond’.

The full Christian Aid paper, offered by Ekklesia as a discussion resource from a valued partner organisation, is entitled 'My Word is my Bond: Responsible finance and economic justice', part of the Accounting for Change series.

It can be viewed and downloaded here: