Bedroom tax: 57 varieties of nationwide protest

By staff writers
March 15, 2013

Thanks to Dr Éoin Clarke ( and his website, The Green Benches (, named after the colour of seats in the UK House of Commons, a list is available of the 57 peaceful protests against the government's Bedroom Tax - the majority of which take place on Saturday 16 March 2013. Details can be confirmed through the hyperlinks in brackets below.

The National Housing Federation has a briefing on these proposed housing benefit changes here: (see 'uner occupation penalty' link).

Paul Lewis also has a useful guide here:

The national campaign is linking people through the web and social media at:

Ekklesia's coverage of Bedroom Tax related issues can be found here:

This is the complete list of protests to date:

Hartlepool ( (Angie Wilcox)
Worksop ( (Simon Greaves)
York ( (Owain Gardner)
Wrexham ( (Shelley Streeter)
Workington ( (Barbara Cannon & Denise Coe)
Wigan ( (Jo Platt)
Whitehaven ( (Mark Ritson)
Weymouth ( (Theresa Green)
Warrington ( (Wayne Blackburn)
Teesside ( (Lawrie Coombs)
St Austell ( (Paul Roberts)
Southampton ( (Melissa Collins)
Somerset: (Anne Carey)
Sheffield ( (Harry Barham)
Sandwell ( (Stephanie Peacock)
Runcorn ( (Michelle Bridge)
Crawley ( (Debbie Simmons)
Plymouth ( (Suzy Franklin & Charlene Sibley)
Peterborough ( (Lisa Forbes & Liz Moon)
Oxford ( (Beverley Clack & Gina Ravens)
Nottingham ( (Alice Grice)
Norwich ( (Emma Corlett)
Newcastle ( (Sarah Hay & Jo Walker)
Milton Keynes: (Hayley De Bruin)
Manchester ( (Karen Broady)
London (30/03/13) ( (Alan Wyllie)
Liverpool ( (Debra Power & Claire Chapple)
Lincoln (30.03.13, Speaker's Corner) (T.U.S.C.)
Leicester: (Finnian Clarke)
Leeds ( (Neil Walshaw & Alex Sobel)
King's Lynn, Norfolk ( (Linda Cox)
Kent (Anne Carey)
Ipswich ( (David Hough)
Hull ( (Dermot Rathbone)
Hastings ( (Ann Carey)
Hanley ( (Wendy Gates)
Halifax ( (Adam Wilkinson)
Halifax (23/03/13) ( (Jonathon Maguire)
Glasgow (30/03/13
Exeter ( (Rob Crew)
Edinburgh (30/03/13 ) (Dianne Richardson)
Durham ( (Valerie Hudson & Ben Sellars)
Dundee (Scottish Trade Unions Congress will be picketing the Lib Dem Conference) (STUC)
Dover ( (Chris Gare)
Darlington ( (James Doran)
Croydon ( (Bonnie Ash)
Chester ( (Dr Neil Jones)
Carlisle ( (Jaci Champney & Lisa Sherriff)
Cardiff ( (Siobhan Corria)
Cambridge ( (Annie Galpin & Sara Clarke)
Camborne ( (Cornwall Against Cuts)
Bristol – 12-2pm ( (BaDACA)
Brighton – ( (Caroline Penn)
Bolton ( (Kate Challender)
Birmingham ( (Rhiannon Lockley)
Belfast ( (Betty Culpeck & C Dunlop)
Bath ( (Vicky Drew)

Follow the issues and protests on Twitter: #BedroomTax

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