Home Office 'rounding-up' Darfur asylum seekers for deportation

By staff writers
March 27, 2007

Those working with asylum seekers facing deportation say that the Home Office has been rounding up Sudanese nationals who have been refused asylum in the UK, with the intention of deporting them.

In a statement the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) say that for the past five days Government officials have been rounding up nationals of Sudan who have been refused asylum in the UK and that they intend to deport them to Khartoum.

The news follows a case in the High Court last week, which examined the Government's guidance in relation to the removal to Khartoum of some Sudanese nationals. The judge appeared to find serious errors in the Home Office's case and gave strong indications that the court may make it harder for the Home Office to remove anyone to Khartoum.

The judgement has yet to be issued, and may not be for a couple of weeks.

NCADC say they now know of thirteen Darfurian asylum seekers being held at Oakington Removal Centre. Three of these have removal directions for Wednesday via British Airways to Sudan. The campaigners also say they know of a number being held at Manchester Airport and Colnbrook Short-Term Holding Centre.

Some campaigners and advocacy groups are suggesting that the Home Office is cynically attempting to detain and deport as many Darfurians before the country guidance case judgment is handed down and the law goes against them.

The scale of murder since the conflict began in Darfur in 2003 has been described by the US as genocide.

Campaigners are urging those in contact with asylum seekers from Darfur who are facing removal, to tell them to seek legal advice. Specifically, they are being urged to ask the Home Office to defer their removal pending the judgement in the case. If the Home Office refuse, they are being urged to consider seeking a Judicial Review.

People are also being urged to fax British Airways asking them to not carry out forced removals to Sudan

NCADC is a voluntary organisation, which provides practical help and advice to people facing deportation on how to launch and run anti-deportation campaigns.

More information is avaulable at: http://www.ncadc.org.uk/newszine80/dafur.html

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