Migration is an issue of justice not scapegoating

By Simon Barrow
May 18, 2007

Responding to the authoritative new report Human Tide: The Real Migration, Simon Barrow of the UK think tank Ekklesia welcomed Christian Aid's research.

“This is an excellent piece of work that blows apart the alarmist tabloid rhetoric about migrants, which seeks to blame them for their plight. The problem of migration will not be solved by closing our doors to those in need, whether humanitarian, political or economic. It can only be addressed by opening our hearts to the people caught in vicious underlying cycles of underdevelopment, injustice and climate change threat.”

Barrow continued: “These are problems that the UK and other rich countries have helped create in a major way. Both religious and non-religious people should recognise that it is a moral scandal to seek to avoid our responsibility by scapegoating others.”

Ekklesia says that Christian churches, many of which have been founded on migrations throughout history, have an obligation both to the practical needs of people caught up in the crisis, and to addressing the underlying issues.

“Christian Aid is one of the trailblazers in this area”, said the Ekklesia director. “In July 2007 the British and Irish Association for Mission Studies (BIAMS) will also be looking at the theological and political impact of people movements. Now is an opportunity to have a real debate, rather than one fuelled by scaremongering and politicians’ fear of prejudice around the issue.”

Download the new Christian Aid report, Human Tide: The Real Migration crisis here: full graphic version) (2mb *.PDF- this file may take time to download) or low graphic version (748kb *.PDF)


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