Religious events future planning service - get a free no obligation months trial

Religious events future planning service - get a free no obligation months trial

Want to know what's on the religious and ethical agenda in the next six weeks?

Ekklesia offers a professional subscription service, taken by national newspapers, news agencies and broadcasters, churches and charities amongst others, providing advance notice of impending key events, and enabling effective planning for the future in the world of religion.

What’s included?

The service, delivered by email and also made available to you as a special web page, covers news and events in the following six weeks which are often not covered by other planning services. It includes:

• What's coming up in Parliament
• Saints days, feast days and religious festivals
• Religious ‘weeks’ such as Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
• ‘This day in religious history’
• Book launches
• Events being held by campaigning groups
• Special ‘Sundays’ such as Politics Sunday and Education Sunday
• Academic lectures
• Upcoming speeches
• Numerous other events being organised by religious groups, or which religious groups will be attending

Where applicable each item also has related web addresses and contact details enabling you to obtain more information.

You can see an example here

Who is the planning service produced for?

The email service is designed for journalists, production companies, news agencies, diocesan communications officers, those involved in public relations and public affairs, policy makers, civil servants, those involved in local government, churches, religious groups, charities, publishers and many others who need advance notice of what is on the religious agenda in the coming weeks. Those currently taking the service include the BBC, The Times newspaper and Reuters.

Who is it produced by?

The service is produced by the religion and society thinktank Ekklesia, recognised as one of the leading sources of religious news and analysis in the UK. Ekklesia runs a news monitoring and briefing service, which means we are dealing with current events and news all the time, making us ideally placed to provide the service.

When is it sent out?

The email is sent out every week at 11.00am on a Monday morning. It is also available on the internet, and updated during the week.

How do I get it?

The bulletin is available for just £10 a month, making it one of the cheapest planning services available. You can get a free month's trial quickly and easily online through PayPal or pay by cheque or standing order. There is no commitment required, and your subscription can be cancelled at any time. Subscribe to the free trial now by PayPal using this button:

subscribe to Ekklesia's future events service

If you would rather have us invoice you and pay by cheque then please contact the Ekklesia office: or 020 8769 8163 and we will get straight back to you.