THE WELSH GOVERNMENT has implemented Part 1, Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010 which is the Socio-Economic Duty.

This means that public bodies now have to think about how their strategic decisions, such as setting objectives and developing public services, can improve inequality of outcome for people who experience socio-economic disadvantage. A group of civil society organisations published the following open letter in support of the decision.

“Today the Welsh Government joins Scotland in implementing the ‘Socio-Economic Duty’: a requirement that public bodies, including government departments, assess how their strategies and policies can be used to reduce financial inequality. Westminster should now follow suit.

“The Socio-Economic Duty was enshrined in law by the 2010 Equality Act but has never been implemented. By finally introducing the Duty, the Westminster Government would take a major step towards achieving its own ‘levelling up agenda’. It would give it the information it needs to tackle inequality and the means – through the work of public bodies – to do so. The Duty could not be more pertinent to our present-day challenges: as we reopen the economy after Covid and face a probable recession, it is vital that we work to reduce financial inequality and protect those in or at risk of destitution.

“Implementation of the Duty would also be popular: polling by Opinium for Compassion in Politics found that over half (56 per cent) would like the Government to enact the Duty and a British Social Attitudes survey in October 2020 showed that two in three (65 per cent) of the English public believe the current income distribution is unfair.

“We are glad that Scotland and Wales have recognised the importance of this clause. It is high time our national government did the same.”


Matt Hawkins, Co-Director of Compassion in Politics

Dr. Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director, The Equality Trust

Jess McQuail, Director, JustFair

Allan Hogarth, Head of Advocacy, Amnesty International UK

Graham Whitham, Chief Executive, Greater Manchester Poverty Action

Professor Andrew Goddard, President, Royal College of Physicians, on behalf of the Inequalities in Health Alliance

Tansy Hutchinson, Head of Policy, Equally Ours

Nicholas Treloar, Runnymede Trust

* More information from the Welsh Government here.

* Source: The Equality Trust