THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION has responded to measures announced by the UK Government on 17 June 2021 and described as intended to strengthen Parliamentary oversight of the Electoral Commission.

A spokeperson for the Commission said: “Parliamentary oversight and scrutiny of the Commission’s activities are essential in ensuring the Commission commands trust and confidence. It is important, however, that the Commission’s independence is preserved and that it is able to continue to deliver all duties within its remit, including effective enforcement. Some changes announced today place a fetter on the Commission which would limit its activity. We will work with the Government to explore these areas.

“The Commission’s work enables the integrity and transparency of party and election finance; well-run elections and referendums which produce results that are accepted; and public understanding of the way our democracy works. Its vital contribution in these areas plays an important role in maintaining the UK’s strong and trusted democracy.”

The Electoral Commission is the independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK. It works to promote public confidence in the democratic process and ensure its integrity by:

  • Enabling the delivery of free and fair elections and referendums, focusing on the needs of electors and addressing the changing environment to ensure every vote remains secure and accessible.
  • Regulating political finance – taking proactive steps to increase transparency, ensure compliance and pursue breaches.
  • Using its expertise to make and advocate for changes to our democracy.
  • Aiming to improve fairness, transparency and efficiency.

The Commission reports to the UK, Scottish and Welsh parliaments.

* Source: The Electoral Commission