ORGANISATIONS LED BY DISABLED PEOPLE feel that they are being excluded from current discussions on social care reform being held by the Department of Health and Social Care.

To address this, a statement has been produced that sets out the principles which should underpin reform, and the actions which need to be taken to ensure that reform improves the lives of Disabled people. Organisations and individuals are being asked to sign the Statement by 4 July, prior to it being shared with Government.

The six principles which should undperin reform are:

  1. Any reform should implement the UK’s obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to ensure Disabled people’s right to live independently and be included in the community. This means people should have a real choice of where and with whom to live, and have all the necessary support provided to live in the community.
  2. Social care must support the choice, control and inclusion of the people who draw on it. Processes must allow the voice of Disabled People to be heard and their choices respected. It must enable people to achieve their potential and have equal life chances to others.
  3. Social care support should enable people to live an ordinary life. High quality personal care is essential as well as support to get out and about, build connections with others and enjoy open spaces.
  4. People should receive and experience social care support based on their needs, not on geography, impairment, age, race, ethnicity, gender or income.
  5. Relying on social care support must not put people at risk of increased poverty.
  6. People, especially those with complex support needs, should have access to good quality support in the community. Reform must accelerate the deinstitutionalisation of care and support provision towards more responsive, flexible, varied and self-directed support within the community.

Fazilet Hadi, Head of Policy at Disability Rights UK said “The only test for social care reform is whether it improves the lives of Disabled People of all ages. Does support enable us to live with dignity? Does support enable us to lead full lives, connecting with family and friends, being part of the community, learn and work, follow our passions and have fun?

“Social care must enable us to have equality with others and to contribute to the world around us. It must not starve us of support, burden us with unfair charges and treat us as second class citizens.

“Government must urgently talk to Disabled People, old and young so that reforms aren’t about moving the deck chairs or financial caps but are focused on transforming the quality of our lives”.

* Read the full Statement here.

* Sign the Statement here.

* Source: Disability Rights UK