THE LUTHERAN WORLD FEDERATION (LWF) and its faith partners have denounced food insecurity in a joint statement for World Food Day (16 October 2021).

The funding commitments of the G7 compact on famine prevention and humanitarian crisis must be honoured and humanitarian access must be guaranteed to meet the needs of affected populations.

The statement notes that conflict, poverty, inequality, disasters and the impacts of climate change are irrefutable and converging causes of the food crisis. The ongoing Covid-pandemic has compounded the humanitarian crisis and food insecurity is no exception. With disrupted food production and supply chains, and reduced incomes, many vulnerable households continue to bear the adverse effects.

“Even in the worst-affected countries, famine is preventable. We must act immediately in order to prevent the needless deaths of tens of thousands of children. Hunger forces people, including children and their families to make dangerous survival choices.”, the statement says.

Signatories from the World Council of Churches (WCC), the World Methodist Council, World Vision International, Milstein Centre for Interreligious Dialogue, and over ten others called for consolidated, long-term global approach to address hunger and invited political, technical and funding mobilisation to support efforts to prevent and adequately respond.

“As people of faith, we join in committing to pray and act against hunger at this time when 811 million people worldwide go to bed hungry each night. […] We believe that our world has enough for all, and that famine and hunger anywhere represents a collective ethical and moral failure. We invite all people of goodwill to join us in accepting this responsibility, preventing more people from going hungry and in seeking justice for the most vulnerable people.”

Through work done by the LWF World Service and member churches in contexts that are vulnerable to hunger, the LWF assists people who are facing starvation, said Isaiah Toroitich, LWF’s Head of Global Advocacy. “We will continue to advocate for urgent and decisive action from the international community to avert the emerging hunger crisis. Long term solutions are needed.”

* Read the full statement here.

* Source: Lutheran World Federation