EKKLESIA PUBLISHING, which has produced twelve titles since 2016, is pleased to announce the first of three new books which will appear in 2022.

Exchange of Gifts: The Vision of Simon Barrington-Ward, edited by Graham Kings and Ian Randall, with a foreword from the Archbishop of Canterbury, is now available. Sales links here.

The book is 220 pages and is priced at at £14.99. It is available online from all major retailers and in selected bookshops.

Review copies may be requested via  contact form here, marked ‘Exchange of Gifts’. 

Simon Barrington-Ward was one of the worldwide Church’s great ‘bridge-builders’, charting an imaginative path for Christianity from the local to the global, and from a turbulent twentieth century right into the challenges of a new millennium. Establishing a pioneering reputation as the Church Mission Society (CMS) General Secretary and then Bishop of Coventry, his long and extraordinary life spanned nine decades, combining the heart of a pastor with wide-ranging gifts as a mission theologian, lecturer, chaplain, spiritual director, ecumenist, writer, reconciler and justice advocate. He was also Honorary Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge.

This book – featuring both recognised and emerging voices – explores the range of concerns and lives Simon Barrington-Ward touched, his importance as a contemporary witness to an historic faith, and the inspiration and guidance his example offers to followers of Christ navigating an uncertain future. The fascinating life it  documents and to which it pays tribute, will be of interest both to Anglicans and to Christians of many different outlooks and backgrounds. Here is a figure who can unite across difference and point us towards a path of hope in an often divided world.

Contributors to the book include: Helen Orr, Nicholas Boyle, Ronald Hyam, Sarah Atkins, Clive Handford, John Clark, Sarah Cawdell, Simon Barrow, Cathy Ross, James Orr, Andy Lord, Philip Seddon and Linda Ochola-Adolwa, as well as the editors. There are also four chapters of Simon Barrington-Ward’s own writing, including his sermon for the late and highly revered philosopher Gillian Rose.

The editors: Graham Kings is former Bishop of Sherborne and founder of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide. Ian Randall, a Baptist, is Church Historian and Research Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide.


Two further Ekklesia publishing titles are in preparation. These are Against the Religion of Power: Telling a Different Christian Story, by Simon Barrow (June 2022), and a collection marking 20 years of Ekklesia entitled Thinking Without Tanks (autumn 2022).

Details of our current and recent titles can be found on the Ekklesia publishing site here.