QUAKERS IN BRITAIN  have called on all parties to the Ukraine-Russia conflict to redouble their efforts to build peace.

Quakers oppose all war and support peaceful resolution of conflict. Quakers have previously urged all parties to keep talking and find a way of preventing violence. The prospect of Russian troops being moved into Ukraine and contravention of international law makes this prospect even more challenging.

Even at this late hour, de-escalation should still be the objective. Military conflict does not have to be inevitable.

“It is always harder to stop fighting than it is to avoid it in the first place”, said Paul Parker, Recording Clerk for Quakers in Britain. “Once violence begins, it creates more grievances and perceived injustices, which makes it ever harder to step away from responding in kind. Walking away from negotiations is always a choice, and countries should take every other action possible before making that choice.

“Quaker experience shows us that in the long term, common security and a just and sustainable peace can only be built by respect for international law and human rights, international cooperation, strengthening arms control and building a culture of peace and dialogue at every level.

“We uphold and stand in solidarity with the many citizens of both Russia and Ukraine who are actively working for peace and to find non-violent solutions to conflict, even at this incredibly challenging time.”

“War today is the failure of yesterday that leads to unimaginable human suffering on all sides,” said Paul Parker. “Imagine what could happen if we were willing to invest as much in peace as we currently do in preparing for war.”

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* Source: Quakers in Britain