REPORTS ARE SURFACING that rich countries are trying to omit references to the permanent loss and damage caused by the climate crisis in the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The major study, to be published on Monday 28 February, focuses on the impacts of climate change and the adaptation countries will need to cope with them.  Nations are currently negotiating what will be included in the final report with rich countries seeking to downplay language on Loss and Damage.

Funding in this area is a much needed source of financial support to help the poorest communities deal with devastating climate impacts caused primarily by the emissions of the global north.

Christian Aid’s Climate Justice Advisor, Nushrat Chowdhury, said: “We made real progress at the COP26 climate summit, getting Loss and Damage on the global agenda.  Wealthy countries refused to create a fund for dealing with these impacts but it left us close to a breakthrough at COP27 in Egypt later this year.

“However it seems rich nations are trying to undermine this progress by attacking the reality of Loss and Damage through the IPCC process, led by countries which claim to be climate leaders like the US and UK.

“It is shameful to see them boasting about their climate achievements in public yet behind closed doors they are doing everything they can to prevent support reaching the most vulnerable.”

* More information on the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change here.

* Source: Christian Aid