AS A MAJOR UK LANDOWNER, the Church of England is the primary focus of a new report from Operation Noah: Church Land and the Climate Crisis: A Guide to Action. The report outlines the scope for reducing greenhouse gas emissions on Church land, as well as enhancing carbon sinks such as woodlands and peatlands. 

The report will be released on 20 September, and there will be an online launch event at 7pm to explore the issues raised. Speaker will include:

    • Hannah Malcolm – theologian, environmental campaigner and Operation Noah trustee
    • Andy Lester – Head of Conservation, A Rocha UK
    • Alan Radbourne – UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
    • Sharon Hall – Campaign Officer, Operation Noah

The webinar will be chaired by Holly-Anna Petersen, an Operation Noah trustee.

While it is primarily focused on the Church of England, the report is also relevant to other denominations and organisations, as Operation Noah says the nature-based solutions it proposes are critical to reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Environmental campaigner Guy Shrubsole, author of Who Owns England?, says: “This is a crucial report on the new frontline against climate breakdown: how we use our land. The Church, as a major UK landowner, has a great responsibility to steward its landholdings well – and should be leading the way in repairing damaged carbon sinks, expanding habitats and restoring nature. Yet at present it is failing to do so.

“That’s why it’s so uplifting to see Operation Noah’s new campaign on Church land, with its calls on the Church of England to grow more trees, restore peat bogs and support its tenant farmers to transition to net zero.”

* The webinar is on 20 September at 7-8.30pm. Register free here.

* Source: Operation Noah