THE WOODLAND TRUST is urging schools and communities to join the fight against climate change and nature loss by taking advantage of its latest tree-pack giveaway.

Applications for the charity’s free tree packs scheme are open now and schools and community groups are needed to push up the numbers of trees planted by 800,000 to reach five million.

Woodland Trust senior project lead, Vicki Baddeley, said: “We’re so proud of the numbers of free trees we’ve been able to give away, knowing they’ll be planted where they can really make a difference – in school grounds and out in the community.

“We’re in the grip of a climate and nature crisis which can’t be overcome without concerted action, so I’d urge every school or community group who can, to get involved and plant more trees! Applying is easy and all saplings are fully funded for those receiving the trees in our autumn delivery in November. All you need is time and a small piece of land to plant on.”

The last round of the Trust’s free tree-packs scheme in the spring of 2023 delivered a total of 540,630 saplings to 3,272 organisations across the UK:

  • England: 452,055 trees to 2,811 schools and community groups.
  • Scotland: 54,570 trees to 288 schools and community groups.
  • Wales: 33,105 trees to 173 schools and community groups.

Trees are one of our strongest defences against the climate and nature crisis. Evidence shows they combat the effects of flooding, pollution and extreme weather and temperatures. They are the ultimate carbon stores. They are essential havens for wildlife and people, and make the planet a healthier, happier place for everyone, says the Trust.

The Woodland Trust is committed to planting another 50 million native trees across the UK by 2030 and is urging people to get behind our mission to plant more trees and help us create a greener world.

Baddeley added: “In just a few years, your trees will have grown big enough to lock away carbon and be a thriving habitat for wildlife. They’ll offer free shade and shelter and help make the community space or playground, and the people who have access to it, happier and healthier.

“It would be incredible if we can reach a total of five million since 2020 this year – what an achievement and contribution that would be. There’s no time like the present, so sign up and take advantage of the scheme.”

* More information on how to apply for free trees here.

* Source: The Woodland Trust