CND WILL RETURN to Lakenheath Airbase in Suffolk on Saturday 20 May 2023, for a national demonstration against the return of US nuclear weapons to Britain. They will be joined by European campaigners from the Netherlands and Germany, opposed to the siting of these weapons of mass destruction in their own countries.

This will be the third such demonstration at the base in the past 12 months, following the news last year that the special weapons storage facilities at Lakenheath were being upgraded to store the new B61-12 nuclear bombs. The B61-12 is being deployed to US/NATO airbases across Europe, and Lakenheath is believed to be one of the destinations alongside Kleine Brogel in Belgium, Büchel in Germany, Aviano and Ghedi in Italy, and Volkel in the Netherlands. These weapons ensure that Europe will be on the frontline of any nuclear confrontation between the US and Russia

The confirmed speakers are : Dutch peace campaigner Guido van Leemput; German peace campaigner Reiner Braun; CND Chair Tom Unterrainer; Stop the War Coalition convenor Lindsey German; Liberation General Secretary Roger Mackenzie; playwright Michael Mears; and Dr Peter Burt of Drone Wars UK.

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson said: “The return of US nuclear weapons to Lakenheath is not just a matter of local concern but one for everyone living in Britain. The war in Ukraine has pushed nuclear tensions to their highest with both the US and Russia using the conflict to increase the deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe. If these deployments aren’t reversed, Europe is guaranteed to be at the centre of a nuclear war between these two powers.”

* Further information on the protest and speakers here.

*Source: CND