PAUL PARKER, the Recording Clerk of Quakers in Britain,  has signed a ‘Charity So Straight’ pledge to support the rights of trans, non-binary, and gender diverse communities.

Believing that all people are equal, and that gender and sexuality are sacred gifts, Quakers in Britain made a decision at their 2021 Yearly Meeting to “seek to provide places of worship and community that are welcoming and supportive to trans and non-binary people”.

“With glad hearts we acknowledge and affirm the trans and gender diverse Friends in our Quaker communities, and express appreciation for the contribution and gifts that they bring”, Quakers in Britain agreed. Paul Parker, the most senior staff member at Quakers in Britain, would like this to be reflected in their national organisation’s public position and in its workplace, as well as across the Quaker community in Britain.

Trans and non-binary people are facing an unprecedented level of hatred in the UK, which is affecting all aspects of their daily lives. One in four trans people (26 per cent), and almost two in five non-binary people (37 per cent), say that they aren’t ‘out’ at work.

Attacks on charities that support trans inclusion are accelerating, forming part of a wider climate of hostility towards charity campaigning. In signing the pledge, charity leaders committed to unite against this hate and offer support to those attacked. They stated that the sector must remain a safe place for all trans and non-binary people to work, volunteer and seek support.

The diverse range of signatories includes the leaders of the Alzheimer’s Society, Samaritans, Teenage Cancer Trust, Jo Cox Foundation, and the 2050 Climate Group.

* Read the Pledge here.

* Source: Quakers in Britain