THE Salvation Army remains greatly concerned about the Government’s plans to remove asylum seekers to Rwanda. The new legislation proposed on 6 December states that the Government can bypass the decision made by the Supreme Court in November and remove people from the UK.

In response, a Salvation Army spokesperson said: “As a church and charity with significant experience of working with people fleeing dangerous situations we are urging the government to concentrate on improving and speeding up the asylum decision making process in the UK rather than removing people to Rwanda.

“That way, those who are granted asylum can get the assistance we believe they need to settle and become contributing members of society as quickly as possible. We also believe the Government should improve the efficacy of visa routes such as the family reunification scheme and strengthen community sponsorship programmes.

“Furthermore, as holders of the Government’s Modern Slavery Victim Care Contract, we are gravely concerned that the combination of the proposed Rwanda legislation and the recent Illegal Migration Act, will mean that victims of modern slavery who entered the UK irregularly will be detained, possibly removed to Rwanda.

“That would lead to very vulnerable victims being denied the life changing support needed to recover from trauma and exploitation.

“Illegal immigration is a weapon used to exploit people for profit and it’s essential that the Government tackle the inhumane use of small boats by criminal gangs. However, that must never be at the detriment to those who have fled conflict and seek sanctuary in the UK and victims of modern slavery.”

* Source: Salvation Army