Christians for Palestine dove logoWE ARE grateful to our friends at Christians for Palestine for producing a moving set of meditations and prayers for Gaza, using the traditional form of the Stations of the Cross, which depict Jesus’s path to crucifixion.

In commending these reflections we remember with sorrow and lament those killed and kidnapped by Hamas, the mass slaughter wreaked upon thousands in Gaza by the IDF, some two million displaced people, and the awful history of Occupation and apartheid which underwrites the entire tragedy that has unfolded in recent months.

We also fully endorse the recent call for a permanent ceasefire from Global Christian leaders. Our regularly updated Gaza news and truth sourcing can be found here.

As our associate Doug Hynd, from Australia, has also observed recently: “Jesus was crucified with criminals by the imperial occupying power. A permanent reproach to those of his followers who wish to use political power to enforce their vision of the sacred.”

* Stations of the Cross for Gaza