THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY of the conflict in Sudan will be marked by the Sudan International Humanitarian Conference on Monday 15 April.

France, the European Union and Germany will host the conference in Paris, aimed at increasing funding for the response, overcoming obstacles to humanitarian access, and elevating the voices and role of local civil society organisations.

Ahead of the conference, Telley Sadia, Country Representative for Sudan at CAFOD, the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, said: “The crisis in Sudan has reached unprecedented levels, eclipsing even the most severe displacement crises worldwide. With over 8.5 million people displaced, surpassing figures from Ukraine and Syria, urgent action is imperative. As violence persists into its second year, the humanitarian situation deteriorates rapidly, with 25 million Sudanese in need of immediate assistance.

“Famine looms ominously, threatening to become the worst food crisis in living memory. Despite harvest season, children are already succumbing to starvation, while food prices skyrocket. By June, up to 7 million people could face famine-like conditions.

“We call upon donor governments and leaders convening in Paris to swiftly allocate the US$2.7 billion required for Sudan’s relief efforts. Funds must reach local responders promptly. We also call for an immediate ceasefire, civilian protection, and unimpeded humanitarian access.

“CAFOD is on the ground in Sudan and neighbouring countries, working tirelessly alongside local partners. The situation is dire; countless women and children, starving and traumatised, face unbearable circumstances. Action is not just necessary; it’s a moral imperative to prevent further devastation.”

* More information on the Dusan crisis from CAFOD here.

* Source: CAFOD