OPERATION NOAH and FaithInvest have announced the launch of a new video series, ‘Financing a Liveable Future: Church Investments in Climate Solutions’. The short films explore how faith-based investors can align their values with their investing practices to create a more sustainable future.

The video series was launched on Earth Day (22 April). The Rev Dr Darrell Hannah, Operation Noah’s Chair of Trustees, said: “Earth Day reminds us of our responsibility as stewards of creation. This video series provides a practical roadmap for faith communities to put their values into action. By investing in a sustainable future, Churches send a powerful message to decision makers to do likewise.”

FaithInvest CEO Dr Lorna Gold added: “Faith groups are significant investors on global markets, with trillions of dollars worth of investments. Just imagine what could happen if faiths started to invest according to their values? What, then, if their congregations do the same? We could see a huge tipping point towards building a better future for us all.”

As elections loom in which the climate will be a key issue, the videos provide a valuable financial context to churches’ environmental action. Faith-based institutions hold significant financial resources and this series empowers them to use their investments to build a greener future, aligning with potential national policy shifts.

The video series content includes:

Inspiring Case Studies and Practical Guidance
The series features inspiring stories from faith communities around the world who are already making a positive impact through climate-conscious investing. It showcases the way these investments can create local job opportunities and demonstrates a clear path for smaller churches and faith organisations to get started.

Expert Insights and Faith-Based Finance
Investment experts including Mike Sturgess, Chair of Truro’s Diocesan Board of Finance, and Paul Jaffe, Head of Sustainability for the Church Commissioners for England, share their experiences and practical advice for navigating climate-aligned investments. Mathew Jensen, CFA, FaithInvest’s Director of Faith-Consistent Investing, delves into its Good Intentions report, which looks at what faiths say about investing, and guides viewers through the process of developing faith-consistent finance.

A Call to Action: Stewardship Through Investment
In the video, Dr. Lorna Gold, CEO of FaithInvest, delivers a powerful keynote speech about the urgency of investing in solutions that address the climate crisis. The series also features Lorna Stuttaford and David Marett from the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, a global religious order, who share their journey of investing for impact.

* View the videos here.

Read the Good Intentions report here.

* Source: Operation Noah