Election 2024 bannerTHIS analytical article looks in some depth at whether there is much prospect of ‘progressive’ politics and policy following the 2024 UK General Election. MICK McATEER focuses on the Labour manifesto for two reasons. First, the party is traditionally associated with progressive politics and policies. Second, barring some sort of last-minute political miracle for the Conservatives, Labour will form the next government.

The author examines here a number of key areas where he has considerable expertise as a thinker, professional advocate and campaigner with over 30 years experience. He writes in a personal capacity.

Mick McAteer’s work focuses on economic and social justice in markets and services; financial market reform; climate change and a just and fair transition, and the role of technology and data in society. He is Co-Director of The Financial Inclusion Centre, a UK not-for-profit which promotes financial markets that work for the environment, the real economy and society and is a director of Action for Financial Inclusion (AfFI), a community interest company set up to turn policy ideas into action. He is on the UK Regulators Network (UKRN) Expert Panel.

Previously, Mick Mc Ateer was on the boards of the Financial Conduct Authority and Financial Services Authority. He was Chair of the European Commission’s Financial Services User Group. He was with Which? for 13 years, where he led policy development on financial services and exposed the scale of the major financial mis-selling scandals, and led the work on the impact of choice and market dynamics in public services.

Read the article here (*.PDF file – 15 pages): Is Labour’s Manifesto progressive, ambitious or radical? An analysis.