CHRISTIAN AID and the  Methodist Church in Britain have re-committed at the Methodist Conference to their joint work to overcome global injustice and poverty.

The Methodist Church is the fourth largest Christian Church in Britain and is a founding partner of the international development charity Christian Aid, with whom they share a strong commitment to justice, peace, and the God-given dignity of every person.

Each year around 900 Methodist churches give to Christian Aid. Since 2018, Methodist churches have raised £1.88 million to support Christian Aid’s local partners in responding to humanitarian emergencies.

As part of the renewed agreement, the Methodist Church in Britain and Christian Aid will consider appropriate ways of cooperating where there is a partner church in a particular country in which Christian Aid is working.

Plans are also in place for Christian Aid to host the next President of the Methodist Conference in India to see the charity’s programmatic work, building on previous initiatives in other parts of the work such as Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Christian Aid’s CEO, Patrick Watt, said: “The world faces huge challenges, with the climate crisis and conflict hitting the poorest and most vulnerable people hardest. The Methodist Church in Britain is one of our most long-standing and valued partners. I am delighted that we will continue to strengthen our collaboration, as we meet these challenges. I look forward to seeing the benefits of our collaboration, building on our shared values of love, equality, dignity, and justice.”

The President of the Methodist Conference, the Rev Helen Cameron added: “Partnership, walking together, accompaniment and sharing collaboratively with others for the benefit of the most vulnerable are all Kingdom values. I look forward to seeing this renewed commitment between the Methodist Church and Christian Aid result in bearing fruit in change and transformation for those who need it most.”

* Source: Christian Aid