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Ekklesia has one of the most visited religious web sites in the UK, with a unique mix of visitors from churches through to journalists, policy-makers and academics. Because we work on a not-for-profit basis, and wish to promote ethical events and products we also offer some of the cheapest advertising rates too. Our clients have included both small and large organisations such as Christian Aid, Operation Noah, The World Ecumenical Development Consultation, The Children's Society, OikoCredit, Cafod, Water Aid, CND, New Internationalist, Sarum College and Cambridge University.

Many web sites won't tell you how many people visit their pages, or will blind you will figures such as "hits" that don't actually mean much when it comes to advertising. We believe it is important and open to be honest about these things, but also provide information that is meaningful. often receives 6,000 individual visitors in a day. This figure does not double or triple count those people who visit the site twice or three times a day. Each of these is an individual, unique visitor to the site. About 10% of our web visitors visit our shop. The most popular area on the site is our news briefing pages. To give you a fuller picture, here is an independent comparison:

Do people buy through the Ekklesia web site?

During each year for the last four years Ekklesia has raised over £250,000 (per annum) through its website for peace, justice and development work. This was primarily through sales of fairtrade and ethical goods. People also gave substantial amounts of money to charity through the site. They spent in excess of £50,000 each year on books, CDs and software through the Ekklesia site.

Who visits the Ekklesia web site?

Our visitors are from around the world, but with the majority coming from the UK. Most have an interest in religion, politics and issues of fairtrade and peace and justice. We also have a high percentage of visitors interested in theology and theological education. There are also many journalists and decision-makers who read our daily news briefings and use our reseearch. Charities, NGOs, campaign groups, academics and church leaders also make up a significant proportion of our visitors.

What kind of things do people advertise?

Ekklesia has carried advertising for a wide range of products and services. Many people have advertised events from annual festivals like Christian Aid Week, through to one-offs like the Children's Society's St George's Day 'Bake and Brew' and individual lectures and academic courses.

Others have advertised ethical goods and services, books, or campaigns such as Operation Noah's climate change initiative. We have also carried advertising for ethical financial products and organisations like OikoCredit.

How can I advertise with Ekklesia?

For further information download a copy of information for prospective advertisers. Anyone who fulfils the criteria set out in Ekklesia's advertising policy can advertise on Ekklesia's web site. We welcome anyone regardless of faith, gender, race, age or sexual orientation. We particularly encourage those with similar values and aims.

You can advertise with Ekklesia in three ways:

1. You can place an individual link on an individual web page on the site from just £10 a month.

2. You can place an advert on Ekklesia's news pages or home page. This will appear on all Ekklesia's newspages on the right or left hand side of the page. Prices begin at just £50 a week, which we believe is cheaper than any equivalent web site. In fact, if you can find a better deal anywhere else, let us know, and we will give you a 10% better offer.

3. You can place an advert in our email bulletins. We have a number of email bulletins that go out to thousands of people, daily, weekly and monthly. Some are aimed at decision-makers and media. Others are more widely disseminated to churches, and those with a general interest in Ekklesia and its work. Prices start from £50 a week.

We can put a package together to suit your needs and discounts are available for charities and smaller groups and organisations. To find out more please contact Henrietta Cullinan by emailing, henrietta.cullinan (at)

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