CHANGE is not just about politics, but the whole spectrum of human activity and endeavour.

That is the inspirational thought behind Siglum, which is a new imprint which focuses on the illuminative and transformative possibilities of the arts, music and culture.

Among other things, its titles will explore the practical links between aesthetics and personal, interpersonal and social change.

Launched in 2019 with support from the change network / think tank Ekklesia, Siglum presently features two collaborative titles. The first, Words Out Of Silence, is an acclaimed collection of poetry and prose by the Quaker writer Jill Segger.

The second, Football’s Faithful Fansis about sport and human experience – a collection edited by Iain Whyte which has already raised over £4,500 for development projects in Africa through the Homeless World Cup.

A third title, Transfiguring the Everyday: The Musical Vision of Michael Tippett, is a book by Simon Barrow about composer Michael Tippett, and the connections his music makes to a world in upheaval. This is due to be published later in 2021.

With more possibilities already in the publishing pipeline, Siglum is open to proposals from new and established writers alike.

More about Siglum here.